Welcome to Sanditon - your thoughts?

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In case you haven't heard yet - the "Sequel" to TLBD seems to be the project "Welcome to Sanditon", based on the unfinished novel Sanditon by Jane Austen. "Through Gigi’s videos, you’ll meet the residents of Sanditon as she brings the beta version of Domino to reveal the drama in their lives."

As much as I like the idea (and as much as I love Allison Paige) - the prominent role of Domino is not really something I'm excited about. In TLBD, Domino, and the (in-universe-) unprofessional manner how Domino was presented, were a highly unrealistic story device that often broke my suspension of disbelief. I always considered Domino the one bad idea in an otherwise perfect web series. But now, a whole series based onto this... thing? I don't know.

But then again, I'm an alien, so I'm somewhat outside the target group. What do you think, earthlings?



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    I'm pretty excited about this, the fact that it's an unfinished novel will give the writer's a bit more to play with. I at least am unfamiliar with it, so i'm excited to be able to experience it the way many people who hadn't read Pride and Prejudice experienced LBD. On Hank's Tumblr he made it seem as though this was just an in-between series, and that they will launch their longer webseries in July (I guess Welcome to Sanditon will just be from May-July). He didn't say yet what the other project will be. That's at least how I interpreted the post :) (of course now I've tried to find where I read this and can't so maybe I imagined it haha)
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    I'm excited about this! I loved watching Gigi's other videos, so this will be an interesting project :)
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    I had never read Sanditon previously, so read it this week. It's full of social commentary and diverse characters that should translate well to screen. I'm looking forward to seeing the adaptation.
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    I've never read it, but to be honest I'm not particularly enjoying it so far. However, it's still early days, and I'm willing to give it a go. I just dislike the whole Domino formatting thing so far. Maybe I'm still sad that LBD is finished though. 

    Oh well, like I said, it's early days! They're still setting up the whole story and whatnot. Let's see what happens! :)
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    I have found the series to be on the slightly boring side so far.  On the other hand, roleplaying as a Sanditon resident is quite fun.
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    I really loved LBD, but agree that the introduction of Domino was a little outlandish. I have been watching the episodes so far, but I think I might stop. I just can't get into it, and that makes me sad. I feel like the idea has a lot of potential, but it isn't working for me.
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    Since the novel was unfinished, I think that's the reason why some people aren't really able to get into it. A lot of people kept watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries because they were familiar with the story (Pride and Prejudice) and they knew where it was going. But there were people who hadn't read it and they stuck around and eventually it picked up! So, personally, I think Welcome to Sanditon is awesome,and we should give it some more time. I only wish the episodes were a bit longer :) 
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    I've heard  all the action takes place on Twitter haha, which I have no idea how to use, so I can't say that for sure. I can't get into this either really, though I do love Gigi and am willing to give this a bit more time. This is sort of a "filler" though isn't it? I believe they are doing another adaptation, and this is just to keep us going until then (which is quite nice). Has anyone heard what the next project will be? :)
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    I don't know! Is it going to be another Jane Austen novel? 
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    I've been really  enjoying being a character on Sanditon, it's been so fun and I've never been followed or tweeted so much as with this project. Though in trying to look at it in a different perspective, I don't think it's as good as the videos by themselves like LBD was. I do find it slightly boring, but the last 2 most recent videos have been getting better. Also I didn't know the next project would be in July, I thought it was like September or something. Anyway these are my thoughts, feel free to agree or disagree :)
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