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Here is your official discussion thread for naming and creating songs. Have fun!

W. Foderingham
N. Thompson
A. McCormack
A. Flint
P. Masenamela
G. Roberts
G. Coke
T. Miller
M. Ritchie
C. Stuff
J. McEveley
J. Bostock
M. Vayrynen
L. Bedwell
A. Rooney


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    #25 Get me a Coke
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    Gerry Coke was born in southern Tajikistan where he began his life as a soft drinks salesman for a 3 star hotel chain. Unhappy with his lot in life, he filled up a deflated football he found in the car park with cherry cola and realised that he had an incredible innate skill. After breaking the Tajikistani record for keepy uppies, he renamed himself after the drink that brought him his fame, and while attending the 2013 Guinness World Record event in Bristol, he was scouted by the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers as their new midfield player.
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    McCormac McLaggen who is not our king because he cannot save a ring
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    Meager P. Ritchie 

    His middle name is Penny. Meager has a yo yo issue when it comes to money (as in the toy, not as in owing money to gangsters(or maybe he does?)). He has a huge gambling problem, and loses and wins money left and right. 

    Greetings, Orionar!
  • This is the song Chelsea made for Azpilicueta because they couldn't pronounce his name: We'll just call you Dave!

    I think this is brilliant! 

    And we definitely should have this song:
    We'll just call you Bob
    We'll just call you Bo-hob
    we'll just call you Bob!
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    Something needs to be done with A. Flint.  Since arrow heads used to be made from flint, "Arrow Flint" / "Flint Arrow".  Almost sounds like a superhero name. 
    T. Miller was a gracious donor to the team, with the condition that he become a member of the team.  A trust fund baby riding through life on his great grand-father's Brewing company's profits, Tyrone Miller only cares about the fun and screwing around.  He likes to think he owns the team because of his donations, when things dont go his way he freaks out.  As time goes on he begins to love the Swoodilypoopers as family and cools down, still having fun but treating everyone as equals.
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    G. Roberts = retired NHL player Gary Roberts, who decided he wasn't quite done with sport and learned to play football following his departure from hockey in 2009. He's still a little rusty, and he has a tendency to be too much man for some people, but he's a great athlete and his heart is completely devoted to his new home at Swindon.
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    Wastrel Foderingham was born to a small buisness owner from Amesbury, and became an OK footballer. When he was 18, he was given tens of thousands of pounds to develop any skill he wanted. He spent some developing his football skills with various youth teams, but most of it was wasted on girls and drink. He didn't want his father hearing about this, so he ran off to work on a farm, where he tended the animals. After a few months, he had an epiphany that his father would still love him, so he went back home. his father welcomed him back, and allowed him to continue his football development. He tried out for Swindon a year later, and made it. that was this year.
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    Cannon Fodder-ingham, because it's his job to get hit by the ball.

    William "The Cannon" Foderingham

    Marcus "Slytherin" Flint

    Flint Arrow

    Lovin Bedwell

    Adam "Big Mac" McCormack, he has a severe McDonald's addiction

  • W. Foderingham= "The Foderinghammer" Renowned for his stubbornness and refusal to give up a goal

    Song: His name- is Wes- He'll always be the best- The Foderinghammer, the foderinghammer.

    G. Roberts= "Fireball Wilson Roberts" aka 'The Nerdfighting Swoodilypooper.' Best friends with A. Flint primarily because Flint starts the fire that Roberts unleashes upon the opposition, secondarily because they have a long and illustrious friendship, dating back to middle school.

    Song: He unleashed- the fire- to him we all admire- Fireball Roberts, Fireball Roberts.

    A. Flint= Augustus Flint. Flint is somewhat mysterious, as is his friendship with Roberts. But he is still respected and he captains well.

    Song: He sparked- the fire- to him we all aspire- Augustus Flint- Augustus Flint.

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    William "The Siege" Foderingham - Holding the fort against anything the opponents throw at him
    C. "Stove Top" Stuff "ing" - Bringing spice to the game

    Nash Thompson - A small town player from the country, making his way up to the big leagues so he can make his family proud, doesn't always have the money to travel around, but the team is always willing to help him out. Works very hard to be be on the team.
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    Flint's the captain, so I like the idea of a play on Marcus Flint.  Foderingham makes me think of Aaron "Wheels" Fotheringham, the most made-of-awesome kid on the planet (who's not so much a kid any more...but google him.  1st backflip in a wheelchair!). Got nothing for Thompson, but I feel like he should maybe befriend Leeroy Williamson.  Thompson, Williamson...just works.  McCormack, I love the idea of the culinary stuff.  
    Varyrynen is clearly some kind of alien.  Maybe the Doctor brought him from an alternate universe sometime.
    Masenamela is the great-great-great-great-great grandson of the inventor of the Vuvuzela, from South Africe
    Miller and Coke like to hang out together and drink.  They're both sworn bachelors who share a flat in Swindon and have histories of minor crimes, but have mostly cleaned up and are grateful to Manager John for giving them a second chance and try to be good.
    C. Stuff doesn't even need an nickname.  See Stuff is just too good.  OR it could become Sea Stuff and his parents disowned him when he didn't become a marine biologist like they'd hoped.
    Jerry McEveley is just an average guy, but has a dream to become the first footballer on top of Everest.
    Gerald Roberts and Marion Ritchie have bonded over bad first names and as such, do nearly everything together.  They even married twin sisters, Judith and Corinne (formerly) Newbold.
    Bostock is somehow related to Beef Stock of the former Swoodilypoopers.  Nephew maybe?  I think J. Stands for Julian.  
    Everything I can think of for Bedwell is dirty.  Perhaps he also should befriend Leeroy Williamson because they both score occasionally?  Or he'll become D. MotherFucking Fox of the new Swoodilypoopers.
    And Rooney.  Should just be "And Rooney."  Like he's just an afterthought, unlike the better known Wayne. "And Rooney...but not that Rooney.  He's our Rooney, you don't know him, you don't love him, but we love our Swoodilypoopers, and Rooney."

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    I'm sorry...I really expected D. MF Fox to correct to PIZZZAA
    Difficult does not mean impossible.  Very little is impossible if you want it badly enough.
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    W. Foderingham = W Fodbuster "Busting his fod for the team"
    N. Thompson =  Naked John Thompson "Wearing the minimum amount of clothes allowed in league one"
    A. McCormack = McCormack McCarthy "His playing is deeply moving if not sometimes soul-crushingly depressing"
    A. Flint = A. Flint 'n Steel "Always lights a spark for the Swoodilypoopers"
    P. Masenamela = P Mahna Mahna (Doot Dooo, Doo Do Do)
    G. Roberts = Gee Bobareebop
    G. Coke = Pokey McCoke "Surprisingly fast."
    T. Miller = P. Arthur Miller "Brings the drama"
    M. Ritchie = Ritchie Britches (He wears spendy trousers)
    C. Stuff = HC PuffnStuff "Sometimes loses track of things going on around him, lots of heart"
    J. McEveley = J McHeavenly "Makes all living things swoon a bit"
    J. Bostock = J. Boss Duck "Head Quacker"
    M. Vayrynen = M. Band of Merrymen "He steals balls from the rich (if balls were a form of currency)"
    L. Bedwell = Lusty Bedwell "Always has time for his fans."
    A. Rooney = Andy Rooney "New things terrify him."
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    Did he get rid of Simon Ferry?
    Also he should buy Mooney so he can sing the song money,money,money,money except it would be Mooney,Mooney,Mooney,Mooney!
  • C.Stuff - Chicken "Stuff"-ing! Stuffs the net, stuffs your dinner, and stuffs the other team up!
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    N. Thompson:

    Neville Thompson was an actor in his youth. He had important parts on British TV programs when he was around 16 years old and his parents expected him to be a great actor when he grew up. Nevertheless, he dreamed of being a professional soccer player. At the age of 19 he did the biggest presentation in his acting career having the principal role in "Les Miserables" as Jean Valjean. Right after the last presentation he revealed his intentions to his family, left his hometown and travelled to Newcastle to train for 1 year before joining a soccer club and start living his long time dream.
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    A chant for C. Stuff, "You've only come to C Stuff, come to C Stuff, You've only come to C Stuff, Come to C Stuff". Goes by the tune Arsenal fans used to sing "You've only come to see Eboue" -
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    Also what about for Foderingham, to the tune of the song "Witch Doctor": "oo ee, oo ah ah, ting tang, Walla Fodering-ham, oo ee, oo ah ah, ting tang, Walla Fodering-ham". I'd love to hear John sing this in a Swoodilypooper video. Also you could call him the Witch Doctor.
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    Another one, this time for Masanamela, "Ohh Masanamela, Ohh Mas-a-nam-el-a" to this tune:
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