Wellington Nerdfighter Gathering - Sat, 16th March, Frank Kitts Park

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Hey, just putting the word out that we'll be having a small Nerdfighter Gathering in Wellington, New Zealand this weekend.

Here are the details:
When: 5:30 pm, Saturday 16th March 2013
Where: Meeting at Frank Kitts Park in Wellington (on the waterfront)
 Yayyyyy it's a gathering for us!
This is what we're doing: http://wellington.govt.nz/events/events-calendar/2013/03/southeast-asian-night-market Bring money if you would like to buy foods/niknaks. Afterwards we can grab a gelato or go for a movie or whatever you'd like to do :D

If you're not already a member of the New Zealand Nerdfighter Facebook group jump on and join in!

Also, there is a new Lower North Island group recently set up, and I'd imagine there are others for the rest of the country too.
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