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I thought yesterday's episode was really interesting, but also kind of sad in a way. I mean, the really awesome CSI tactics she used were scientific and great and I had a lot of fun watching it. I also managed to gross out my dad. The video made me sad, however, because it was a person that killed the wolf. I mean, granted, we don't know why the person killed the wolf, but the person killed the wolf on purpose. What did you think?


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    (DISCLAIMER: i am mostly making inferences, I'm not very informed on the subject please correct me :P.)

    I was wondering if wolves are a protected species, could somebody get in trouble for shooting the wolf? I was wondering if they were going to contact some form of authority.

    Also I'm glad brains got scooped!

    And this was the only episode that got me to say "ewwww." It was the eyeballs... O.o

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    I found it weird that she was opening and closing the jaw like a doll or something.
    I know it doesn't matter at all to the wolf, but when I consider that it's been illegally shot and then had its eyes gouged out on camera, I feel rather sorry for it.
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    The wolf videos make me sad, but I'm strangely fascinated by them.
  • PiarouNeelixPiarouNeelix Posts: 10
    Okay. I have watched all episodes up until now today, and I am glad I did. I say "watched", but with some I merely listened. I am not good with blood. As to the latest episode, I loved the close-up of the wings and the explanation of how they fly so silently because of it, but would have loved to hear more of an explanation as to how that works, actually. To be honest, the episodes may last longer on a whole, if you ask me.
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    The newest episode was fantastic but I echo @PiarouNeelix's opinion that they are far too short. Make them a bit longer and include more about how the actual mechanics of the body work. I'm interested in all of this and I feel that The Brain Scoop could be an excellent resource for biology classes. 
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    I watched all the brain scoop videos. Like all of them. I found the Gutting the wolf to be the most...gross. 
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    What did all of you think of today's episode? I liked their discussion on the hike on whether the evolution and migration of plants and animals and which is more interesting, and all the little facts about the bear. I really love this show.
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    I had a long weekend in Cork, Ireland, so had to wait till today before I could watch it, but yeah, definitely another nice episode, and luckily one with some more length. More of this! :D For one, I really love the type of landscape they live in/near. Also, I really like learning things. As in, REALLY. And doing that this way is so very relaxing and entertaining.
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    Did anybody see this week's episode? It was fantastic! It was so interesting learning about all the different specimens at the much larger museum. I'd really like to visit my local natural history museum but after a hurricane it was all but destroyed.
  • pianokittypianokitty Fond du Lac, WIPosts: 55
    I absolutely loved this weeks episode! Emily has such passion for what she does and the curator could see that. I'm sure he enjoyed having her there just as much as she enjoyed being there. The Field Museum is an amazing place and I'd give anything to have the chance to go behind the scenes myself. I absolutely love that part of science, but I especially love Gemology, and I've been in their Gem Room... OMG. Awesome place.
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  • pianokittypianokitty Fond du Lac, WIPosts: 55
    This week's ep was epic... let's talk about those flying squirrels, huh?
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  • geekacrossthestreetgeekacrossthestreet Posts: 166 ✭✭✭
    Those were freaking huge! I was so intimidated by them. I can't wait until they start shooting at the Field Museum in Chicago. It's going to be brilliant.
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    Wow can't believe this subforum died out so fast!
    THough I guess the brainscoop talk happens mostly in the comment sections...
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