Canadian History?

World History covered Europe mostly.. and of course there's American history..
But I really think that the viewers would be benefitted in seeing Canadian history.. It's not all wars and fun like what I think America is.. but it's still really interesting and scandalous and idk. I would personally love to see it. 


  • Texas_ScratchTexas_Scratch Posts: 45
    "they almost got in a fight with France, but they decided to just discuss their differences instead. Then they almost got in a war with the UK colonies, but they didn't really feel like it,"

    (This is totally a joke please don't kill me)
  • forgettingitsthereforgettingitsthere CanadaPosts: 1,512 ✭✭✭
    YES. I would love Canadian history, though, I quite enjoy it. 

    “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” 

    - George R.R. Martin

  • I have a few professors that John could contact if he'd like more information as well.. if this becomes a thing. Sigh. Crash Course how I love you.
  • Is it too late to extend CrashCourse to the rest of North American?
  • MyNameIsEricMyNameIsEric Posts: 20
    Im kinda a history buff but after reading this post i am just now realising that i know little to nothing about Canadian history. Why is it that i know all about Rome, and Africa, and the Middle East and Asia but i knkw next to nothing about my countrys northren nabor? This really does not make sense to me... We really need a crash course canadan history!
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