I need someone from each of the top five most spoken languages, besides English, to translate.

If you can, could you please translate both the word "Pacemaker," and the phrase, "I have a pacemaker."

This would be an amazing help.


  • JCHJCH Posts: 11
    I'm assuming you're referring to the medical device. Here's the Spanish translation for "Pacemaker" and "I have a pacemaker":

    - Marcapasos
    - Tengo un marcapasos.
  • edwardedward Posts: 108 ✭✭
    French: un stimulateur cardiaque; je porte un stimulateur cardiaque.
  • spencerjnelsonspencerjnelson Posts: 2
    Technically not top 5,but whatever. Japanese: ペースメーカー
    and, ペースメーカーがあります。
  • MrsGuttesenMrsGuttesen Posts: 2
    Danish is not top 5 either, but I can tell you that we use the same word, for pacemaker, and in a centence you just say "Jeg har en pacemaker" :)
    But dont you have one of those dogtags so people will know if you pass out, or anything like that? 
  • ericistheendericistheend Posts: 2
    Yes, I am supposed to wear a bracelet, or something to notify people. But, they're annoying, and I like getting tattoos, so I am getting a tattoo on my right forearm of either "Pacemaker" or "I have a pacemaker" in the top five most spoken languages around the world. Thank all of you guys for the help. c:
  • larklark Posts: 83
    German, because it looks neat: Herzschrittmacher, Ich habe einen Herzschrittmacher.
  • commonformcommonform Posts: 2
    In Russian, in case you like the way it looks =)
    Я ношу кардиостимулятор.
  • missn91missn91 Posts: 47
    Also not one of the most popular languages but there are lots of Polish people everywhere so:

    rozrusznik serca

    Mam rozrusznik serca  

    "The universe is big, its vast and complicated, and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles."

  • MrYamokMrYamok Bologna, ItalyPosts: 26
    If you like italian: 

    -Ho un cardiostimolatore.
  • fejfej Posts: 26
    here's dutch!

    Pacemaker (pronounced the english way)

    ik heb een pacemaker
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