Western Massachusetts Nerdfighters!

Come on, there have got to be some of us in the Western Mass/Pioneer Valley area! I recently moved here and was really hoping to meet up with some of you :)


  • J_AnnaJ_Anna Posts: 1
    Western Mass!! Hi!!!
  • I'm in central Mass for the most part. But I go everywhere in the state all the time. 
  • mutantninjalapenomutantninjalapeno Posts: 110 ✭✭
    i'm from central mass too, but parts of western mass aren't too far from me. closer than boston, anyway.
  • HighlyVariableJHighlyVariableJ Northampton, MAPosts: 4
    I am hovering between Amherst and Northampton, MA right now - is anything local going on?
  • EmilyEEmilyE New HampshirePosts: 4
    Hey guys! If you're willing to make the drive, there's gonna be an evening gathering in southern NH on Tuesday. Email me at [email protected] for details! :)
  • NaiadryadeNaiadryade Posts: 2
    Hi folks! I've been thinking how awesome it would be to meet local Nerdfighters, and I've also been thinking about how much I want to see the 2 feature films currently playing about a couple of the most influential nerds of the last century. Would anyone be interested in a Nerdfighter outing to the Amherst Cinema sometime soon, to see The Imitation Game, or The Theory of Everything, or perhaps a double feature of both? Then we could go to get something to eat and talk about the movies over dinner.
  • phazingphazing Amherst, MA except summer, then Benicia CAPosts: 2
    If anyone in the Amherst area still feels like hanging with someone, I'm always down.
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