How Many Languages Does Nerdfighteria Speak?



  • I speak English and i am learning Eλληνική and Françias (Greek and French)
  • mshah9008mshah9008 Posts: 2
    I speak Gujarati, Hindi, and English Fluently

    Also can speak German and Spanish on a very basic level (took two classes in each but never became conversational) 
  • writtenwisheswrittenwishes College Dorm RoomPosts: 3,078 ✭✭✭
    English, Italian (not fluently), Spanish (not fluently) and I'm learning American Sign Language!
  • _rakiel__rakiel_ Posts: 1
    Filipino, Hiligaynon, Bikolano, Mandarin Chinese, 

    learning; Portugese, Japanese, Korean, German

    reviewing Malay, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish 
  • wootwootchowwootwootchow Posts: 31
    English, Mandarin & a little bit of French
  • SilphymiSilphymi Posts: 3
    Portuguese, Japanese and English

    currently learning French and Italian
  • eirianshiyueirianshiyu Posts: 1
    English, Welsh, Mandarin Chinese, Shanghainese dialect, French, learning Spanish and Japanese
  • marian_batmarian_bat Posts: 2
    English and french
  • Andy2569Andy2569 Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    Ido! Español! English! Iðjomjuz (I can recite every single word ever officially created in this language)!
  • frped4frped4 Posts: 1
    Danish, English and is suppose to speak Spanish and German, but have forgotten it.
  • sparklezjolrassparklezjolras Posts: 42
    English, Filipino, and French.
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  • rachaelwhatrachaelwhat Posts: 1
    English, French, Spanish and British Sign Language. yeah.
  • larrys_babelarrys_babe Posts: 1
    English, French, Afrikaans and korean
  • HastingsHastings Posts: 24

    "Basic" Spanish (IE, not very good, but I can conjugate! Usually...)
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  • kennnzekennnze Posts: 3
    Pig Latin, and Ubbi dubbi. Oh, also English. 
  • dwp20dwp20 Posts: 1
    English, Spanish, and currently working on Japanese
  • Raytiger3Raytiger3 Posts: 191
    English, Dutch, Chinese and currently learning French.
    I'm a young gifted Chinese Dutch-speaking Dwarf nerdfighter!
    ( ._.) I'm new.
  • EmlynEmlyn Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    I use English from day-to-day, but (like many Irish young people) I learned Irish and another European language (Italian) in secondary school! I really liked Irish in school, unlike many of my classmates. I can understand their frustration, here they were, stuck in a stuffy classroom in front of an annoying teacher trying to grapple with the Modh Chionníollach (the Conditional Tense) of a language that they would stop writing (and speaking) the second their end-of-school exams were over! But I found speaking Irish to be a reward in and of itself, and when I moved to University, I found that I have fallen out of touch with it (which is sad) but not forgotten it completely!! Huzzah!! My thanks to the discussion over in the "Not English" section about Irish and Scots' Gael for rekindling something that I'd forgotten I love!

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  • ceridfranceridfran Posts: 1
    German (native speaker), English (almost native speaker level), some basic French, Italian and Russian. Oh, and I had to take Latin in university, does that count?
  • HlineyHliney Posts: 1
    Icelandic, English and Danish :)
  • kantandakantanda Posts: 26
    English, Polish, Japanese, Esperanto. 
    Basic knowledge of sign lanaguages (ASL, JSL/NS, PSL/PJM)
    (I've also studied various different languages, around 20, but for lignuistic not practical reasons, I can't speak them fluently)
    Teaching is was I am. Everything else is what I do. 
  • ambereenambereen EnglandPosts: 17
    English, and a sort of mix between punjabi and urdu, as well as some french. 
  • coolcat3699coolcat3699 Sydenham, LondonPosts: 144 ✭✭
    french spanish and latin
    and a tiny bit of madarin
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  • kidrakidra Posts: 1
    Spanish for me, and i can read a lot of Portuguese but that's just because Spanish and Portuguese are like brothers...
  • psarah26psarah26 Posts: 1
    Cantonese, mandarin, japanese, english and german!
  • TeajTeaj The Kingdom of CanadaPosts: 19,071 ✭✭✭✭
    English and American Sign language (some) .... traveling the world will be hard XD
  • crestfoxxcrestfoxx Posts: 1
    Gaelic (Scottish), English, Japanese, Klingon
  • timothyjcondertimothyjconder Posts: 1
    I speak English. I can also read Attic Greek (ca. 330BC) and Biblical Hebrew (ca. 500BC) with assistance. I also have a small knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and German, but not enough to be anywhere near conversational.
  • glendaweeglendawee Posts: 2
    Singlish, english, teochew dialect, chinese
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