Crash Course: US History

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We are two eps into the new series now who is watching?

I was slightly disappointed that the viking settlements in the US got no mention in the first two videos if only a small comment. Obviously US history is slightly less interesting to those of us that are international viewers but I will still be watching along.


  • I was really surprised that he went on to do US history, as not everyone who watches is from America. That being said, I enjoyed the first two videos. Its true that he did skip a few things, but with only 10 or so minutes dedicated to a large topic, I guess that skipping a thing or two is unavoidable. It's pretty interested to see that John points out how the past affects the present. Many times, history teachers try to avoid such a connection because it could create a political battle. I must congratulate John for moving on to such territory. 
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    I am liking this series on US History, and it is making a nice sequel to Crash Course World History (I didn’t particularly like the Literature series) although I do think that focussing on a single country that has only existed for a very short period of time is VERY biased. I think it would have been better to focus on continents so Crash Course North America; which could have included Canada and Mexico and then focusing on other parts of the world that have also shaped the world such as Europe, Asia and Africa which have a much richer and longer story to tell with the majority of prehistoric, ancient civilisations and medieval history that doesn’t appear in American history that also had a huge impact on today’s world even though these events occurred long ago - it makes me wonder whether the producers of the show have tried to intentionally make life easy for themselves, like may schools, by only teaching content where there is plenty of written records; which is only a tiny fraction of human history.
  • seeing Canada and Mexico would be nice but I really don't think that you can cover Canada and the US in the same show.. I mean, if you were focusing on their relations, perhaps.. but Canada was so polarized (and in some ways continues to be) that it would do a disservice to all three countries to lump them together. 
    They separate Canada and US history in my school, so it makes sense to separate them here. 

    I think that seeing a few others countries would be interesting as well... but Europe had a lot of focus in World History, for example, and it would be difficult to add to that?
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    I'm a little disappointed that in 44 episodes of Crash Course US History, the Mongols haven't shown up. Granted that the Mongols have practically nothing to do with the US History but the are the exception.
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