Crash course literature: The Fault in Our Stars

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    It would be pretty hilarious if John actually had the ego to make the syllabus for Crash Course: Literature go Shakespeare, The Great Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye, TFiOS :D.

    I think TFiOS would be worth looking at in Crash Course, but sadly I don't think John is likely to put himself next to Fitzgerald or Emily Dickinson.
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    I had never even considered this as a possibility, but IT WOULD BE SO GOOD!!!

    You're right though, there's no way I can see John doing it.

    What a teaser of a thought.

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    Now that would be awesome.
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    It's a bizarrely good book for studying I would think. Especially for high school students.
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    I think it would be great, but he himself said that authors are not the greatest judges of their work in a video, and for him to take meaning would really make it as he sees it, which is really not how the reader- author relationship works.
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    I agree that John would not be the right person to do it, but I think it would make an awesome fan tribute project. One only has to casually browse the John's Books section to see how much meaning his fans have gleaned from the book. That alone would make a great episode.
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  • John would never do it unfortunately, but such a good idea. Also I think it would be good for Looking for Alaska.
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    Maybe Hank should step in and do that one of John's books. I also like @cookiefiend 's idea, I think that would be great.
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    They should do one about John's whole writing history maybe an April fools episode. I do also like @cookiefiend 's idea
  • That would be awesome
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