Has Hankgames influenced your decision to buy one of the games that has been played on the channel?



  • HankHank Posts: 36 Admin
    19Uhr30 said:

    I recently bought the first Assassin's Creed when it was on sale on GOG because AC Brotherhood 2.0 seemed reasonably fun.

    I would immediately buy Mario Brothers if I were a console player... But I guess without a cursing Katherine it would just be half as fun.

    Indeed...she does make it much more fun, but you can't get one at the local GameStop unfortunately.
  • brumagembrumagem Posts: 8
    No, I liked these games before Hank played them </hipster answer>
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  • Yes
    Lego Harry Potter! Plus now when I get stuck I can just go back and find the episode I want to get me through it.
  • KimCKimC Posts: 2
    I bought and played Harry  Potter (years 5-7) so that I could watch Hank  and Katherine play without spoilers.

    Also Super Mario Brothers Wii
  • AndrackeronAndrackeron Posts: 1
    NSMBW! I missed out on Mario as kid, so I was really happy this gave me a good way into the world :)

  • GuybrarianGuybrarian Posts: 5
    I got into FIFA mostly because of The Miracle of Swindon Town. I'm now playing 13 with Swindon Town and wishing I had either John Green.
  • sabermoonsabermoon Posts: 3
    My boyfriend and I were inspired to play through Super Mario Bros because of Hank and Katherine. Currently stuck on the last level, but maybe someday we can do it!
  • EnderJonesEnderJones Posts: 2
    Yeah I bought Deathspank (and then the two sequels), Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, and Portal. I do admit once I played Deathspank for myself I had to stop watching Hank play it because he was so bad at it and that was far too infuriating for me.
  • QLCQLC Posts: 53
    I bought loads because of Hank. Lego Harry Potter, both Portals, and I bought LA Noire because Hank stopped playing part way through and I wanted to finish it. :)

    Also, I didn't buy the new Zelda even though I was thinking about it because it didn't look as good as people have said it would be, and I didn't think it was worth having to buy that extra wii part to play it.
  • JoshuaJoshua USAPosts: 162 ✭✭✭
    QLC said:
    I bought loads because of Hank. Lego Harry Potter, both Portals, and I bought LA Noire because Hank stopped playing part way through and I wanted to finish it. :)

    Also, I didn't buy the new Zelda even though I was thinking about it because it didn't look as good as people have said it would be, and I didn't think it was worth having to buy that extra wii part to play it.
    I forgot about LA Noire. Yeah.. If I were to ever get a 360 I kinda think it would be interesting to play that game (also AC).
    Though if I had to make a choice between 360 and Wii U I'd probably choose Wii U just because who the hell can ever get enough of Mario (specifically multiplayer)?
  • ShmalTalkShmalTalk Posts: 452 ✭✭✭
    I actually started playing Assassin's Creed, which I had bought previously, and then bought II and Brotherhood.

    It's irritating now, though, because I want to watch Hank play Revelations, but I haven't played it yet so I don't want spoilers.
  • ChristyWhoChristyWho Posts: 133 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2012
    I plan to
    I'm a poor nerdfighter, so I haven't been able to buy any of the games he's played yet, but he's definitely gotten me interested in a lot of games I'd like to get eventually.

    I got a code for a free game rental from Redbox once and got Super Mario Bros Wii (I'm way better at it than Hank and Katherine :P - Okay, maybe not, I just go back to world 1 to get more lives a lot), and loved it to death. His playthroughs have also gotten me interested in the Assassin's Creed and Portal franchises, and I'd like to try the Lego Harry Potters (though I don't know if I would want to pay much for them). The first AC is dirt cheap now, but I don't have any consoles that it's compatible with, so it'll be a while until I get to try it out.
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  • SuzanneSuzanne Posts: 14

    I bought SMBW after watching Hank and Katherine play it!

    Also I only played Assassin's Creed after watching Hank play it (I didn't buy it...my brother already owned it)

  • GildedWildebeestGildedWildebeest Leeds, UKPosts: 36
    I bought Portal because of Hank, which led me to buy Portal 2, and I bought Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood because of Hank, which meant I also had to buy an Xbox :-P
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  • I bought Lego Harry Potter because of Hank. I needed to use his videos more than once to help me when I got stuck... I'm just not very good a video games.
  • valerie2776valerie2776 Missoula, MTPosts: 264 Admin
    I said no in the poll but just remembered I did buy Portal and eventually Portal 2 largely in part because of Hank's LPs!
  • BelisariusBelisarius Posts: 314 ✭✭✭
    I plan to
    I am definitely planning to go out and get FIFA 13 soon. Everton will win ALL the trophies! 
  • StageCraftStageCraft Posts: 76
    Yes. Assassins Creed was all because of Hank Games
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  • Yes
    I ended up not only buying FIFA, but that also meant getting a PS3 so maybe I'm deeper in the hole than I expected. ;) All in all, I'm happy with the motivation to give my money to the free market.
  • Yes
    Hank and Katherine Play Super Mario Bros. Wii is the reason I got a Wii in the first place! Games I have gotten because of hankgames are Super Mario Bros. Wii and Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4.
  • NucleusDawnNucleusDawn Posts: 88 ✭✭
    Accidentally voted "No" and can't change it...

    I got Deathspank, thanks to Hankgames.
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  • PhDougiePhDougie Posts: 4
    I plan to
    I plan to - If I ever own a gaming system. I've watched the majority of Hankgames videos, but I have never played any of the games. I feel weird talking to my gaming friends about AC because of that, too.
  • strandcorestrandcore Posts: 242 ✭✭
    Assassins Creed Brotherhood and SMBW 
  • Yes
    Portal, Portal 2, Lego Harry Potter 1-4 and 5-7, and I'm planning to buy Assassin's Creed Brotherhood next month. You might call me impressionable. And you'd be right.
  • TheBBearTheBBear Posts: 50 ✭✭
    I bought Portal 2. I tried playing Super Mario Brothers Wii.... I don't know how, but I am worse than hank. It took me a week to get past World 1. smh.
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  • beccalynn311beccalynn311 Posts: 104 ✭✭
    I plan to
    I don't have any of the games yet because my sister (who owns the Xbox) thinks real people shooting games are to violent for me.  [-( but I am asking for Assassins creed for this holiday gifting 
  • No
    Hankgames doesn't influence me at all. Most of the games played on the channel I plan to buy well in advance. Except for FIFA, I don't play traditional sport games. 
  • AnneSAnneS GermanyPosts: 23
    Lego Harry Potter 1-4 and Portal 2
  • ArielAriel Posts: 146 ✭✭✭
    Nope, sorry. I mostly watch just to listen to Hank and John talk!
  • mirndamirnda Posts: 142 ✭✭✭
    I plan to
    Watching HankGames has really made me want to play Assassin's Creed and Super Mario Bros. Wii! I don't have either of the game systems required, and don't plan to buy them, so it probably won't happen, but maybe someday...
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