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    mareska said:
    Never in my life I was so happy to see someone's head.
    lol.  Same :P
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  • Wow... Am I really the only one who saw the LBD Darcy and thought "This actor has never actually encountered a person with social anxiety and has no idea what he's doing"?
    His portrayal of Darcy looks nothing like any social anxiety, severe or otherwise, that I've ever seen or experienced...

    (Also, I agree with the previous comment about how his wardrobe totally doesn't fit the successful businessman he's supposed to be.)
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    I don't see that he's supposed to have an anxiety disorder, I've generally interpreted Darcy as more introverted/socially awkward than anxious.
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    I did not at all think of Darcy's awkwardness as social anxiety. He seems more like he has a mild case of something like Asperger's syndrome, which is a high-functioning disorder on the autism spectrum. He is insecure whenever he is around a lot of people, especially strangers, and rather aloof because people with AS tend to be slightly clumsy and "stiff". His tendency to withdraw from social situations may also very well be caused by the fact that people with AS often find small talk and settings with several conversations going on around them as once very tiring.
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    @nillie I think he's just shy and not used to be around people. No need to overcomplicate things. I've known several people who are like him around strangers and/or crowds (altought with not so much pride or prejudice, but that is a personal trait as well).
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    @Spare_Ribbons, oh my god, I have an insane amount of respect for Daniel as an actor now.  Holy cow, he is so versatile!
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    @Spare_Ribbons - OMG he can sing too??? thank you for the vid :D
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    Wow wow wow he is really good.
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  • Am I the only person who was surprised by how attractive Darcy was when I first saw him?? When Jane called him tall, she could've said he was cute...
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    The chemistry between Darcy and Lizzie was--Wow. He played the character so well!
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