VidCon 2013 Thread

BootyPrioriBootyPriori Posts: 20
Are you going? If not, why not?
First time? How many VidCons have you been to and which ones?
Community or Industry?
Which YouTuber do you want to meet the most?
Thing that you are most looking forward to?
Is there a pannel that you've seen before that you'd want to see again? Which one(s)?


  • TheJessicersTheJessicers Posts: 19
    YES! I am definitely going
    I went last year, but that was my first one.
    I'm hoping to do Industry this year, but currently I just have a community pass.
    I want to meet PhillyD, Luke Conard, John and Hank and Toby Turner (again. I met them last year too :) )
    I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends I made last year again, and hopefully getting my name out there a bit more.
    I want to see the Green brothers panel this year (I couldn't last year cause I was volunteering), everything else is kind of up in the air for me.

    Also, if this is your first VidCon or if you're going alone, come join the VidCon Lonewolves! It's lots of fun and I've made so many friends through this group :)
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  • I'm going! I registered probably within the first minute it was available, haha. I went last year so this will be my second year going. I got the good ol' community pass.
    I mostly want to meet Hannah Hart because I didn't know who she was last year and now I'm in love with her!
    I'm mostly looking forward to meeting some of my internet friends IRL because last year I only had one friend there and I knew him in real life, but next year I know a few friends that I met somewhat recently on the internet and they're coming to VidCon from out of state and I think it'll be so awesome to like see them in person and hug them and touch their faces and stuff. In a not-creepy way.
    And I hope that next year they do the Women on YouTube panel again because that was probably my favorite panel last year.  Also the LGBT panel because I missed that one, and I hope everyone from Geek and Sundry can go again next year.

    Anyway I'm SO excited, and August is too far away.
  • dyaizondyaizon Posts: 86 ✭✭
    I'm going - also bought my ticket about 3 minutes after they went on sale!

    This will be my second year, going for the community pass as well, and looking forward to meeting everyone I met last year again. Geek and sundry panel last year was awesome, definitely going again if they have another. Meeting the people behind Squaresville was also awesome.

    It's a bit of a trek, since I have to fly over from London (11 hours, aargh), but it's so worth it!
  • BootyPrioriBootyPriori Posts: 20
    I want to see the Green brothers panel this year (I couldn't last year cause I was volunteering), everything else is kind of up in the air for me.
    Oh! I was also volunteering last year! We've probably met then. :)
  • sarahpsarahp Posts: 15
    edited November 2012
    I really want to go- if I did, it would be my first time, and my friend and I are considering going together.
    hmm.. I think I'd want to meet the Squaresville cast, the LBD cast, and more people as well. My mom was good friends with Michael Buckley when they were teenagers so if we go, she'd want to catch up with him.

    Any tips on saving up, planning, presenting plan to parents, etc?
    by sarahp
  • 2355323553 Posts: 23
    I would really love to go, but I'm on the east coast, and would likely be hard pressed to get my parents to take me to Anaheim for a weekend.
  • musickitten101musickitten101 TokyoPosts: 481 ✭✭✭
    I'm going! I got my community pass on super early bird :-)
    I've never been to a VidCon before so I'm really excited.
    I'm looking forward to meeting Hank, John, Charlie McDonnell, Michael Aranda, and all the other Nerdfighters!

    Who's planning to go on DisneyLand Day?
  • I am so going! I went last year and it was a blast :] 
    I'm not sure if I'll stay at the Hilton this year though... kinda want to go to Leakycon too xD
    Disney day was sooo cool. Nerdfighters everywhere
  • sarahp said:
    I really want to go- if I did, it would be my first time, and my friend and I are considering going together. hmm.. I think I'd want to meet the Squaresville cast, the LBD cast, and more people as well. My mom was good friends with Michael Buckley when they were teenagers so if we go, she'd want to catch up with him. Any tips on saving up, planning, presenting plan to parents, etc?
    Saving up: I usually try not to spend too much money during the year. I like to keep a stash of money for cons that I add to at least once a month. All of my spare changes goes into it as well.
    Planning: I'm going to assume you're going to stay in a hotel. Once you're for sure going book a room. Near the end the rooms go a bit fast. The Hilton and the Mariott are the closest, as in right next to the convention center. I stayed at the Hilton and they have a nice little food court for lunch/dinner. As for breakfast there is a starbucks and a coffee shop inside the convention center. You'll want to bring stuff to munch on during the day. Trust me. Carry around a siggy book if you wish and a pen! You never know who you'll run into. Also when the schedule comes try to plan out what you want to do.
    Parents: I'm not sure how much help I'll be here. I'm 20 so I don't really need permission xD I suppose I would try explaining what it means to me to meet/see all these people. Its an enriching experience and you meet a lot of awesome people. A lot of the panels are also educational in some way. They can really inspire you and its always fun. Also, disneyland is the happiest place on earth. You need to go :p

    I hope this helps :]
  • sharpie_sharpie_ Posts: 36
    Definitely going! Not only is Vidcon always the highlight of my summer, but it's also the only chance I get to see the friends I made through YouTube.

    As for tips on presenting plan to parents: plan everything out. Research hotel rates, get the dates set, figure out cost of flights (if you need to), and just show that you have everything well thought out.
  • I am hopefully going!! I'm really excited because I've been saving for over a year and it will be my first ever trip to America! 
    I'm really looking forward to meeting all my friends as well as the youtubers I admire, the Green brothers being highest of all. 
    I think I'm just looking forward to the experience of it, as well as traveling without my parents for the first time in my life. It's pretty much just going to be a giant adventure that I've been working my butt off to afford so I guess that makes it all the more special. 
  • TheMeFundTheMeFund Posts: 30 ✭✭
    BootyPriori said:
    Are you going? If not, why not?
    First time? How many VidCons have you been to and which ones?
    This will be my 4th VidCon. I've never missed one so far, no plans to miss one in the future.
    Community or Industry?
    Registered Industry. May end up doing some volunteering this year although after 3 years in a row spending all of my time behind the scenes it might be nice to kick back and let others do that :)
    Which YouTuber do you want to meet the most?
    I've met and am friends with most of the people I look forward to seeing at VidCon. I'd like to hang out with Meghan Tonjes a bit more this year. VidCon is always like a reunion for me there are so many people that I love and that love me in return that I can't really pick anyone :)
    Thing that you are most looking forward to?
    I look forward to taking it a bit easier this year. I was the Volunteer coordinator last year, and it was really the first time the Con had anyone doing something like that so I was creating everything from scratch which was a huge huge task and caused a ton of stress (I had PTSD-style dreams about VidCon for 6 months after the con, but still loved it)

    This year even if they ask me to come back and do the same thing I will know where I messed up and be able to take better care of myself. Also I'm still contemplating just going as an attendee and letting someone else feel all the feels I felt last year :)

    Also I look forward to dancing to Double Rainbow AGAIN!
    Is there a pannel that you've seen before that you'd want to see again? Which one(s)?
    My favorite part of the Con is always the concerts at the end of the night. Panels are great but they don't stick out as much in my head (probably cuz I rarely got to stay for them) but the concerts are ALWAYS awesome.

  • mrdistractedmrdistracted Posts: 55
    I do plan on going this year. I'm still saving up so I haven't bought tickets yet though.
    also, I need to find someone I can share a room with while i'm there.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Charlie and Hank and John.
    I'm also looking forward to meeting anyone I've met online.
  • jilfinajilfina Posts: 1
    Second year going on community pass! Super excited!

    Looking forward to meeting anyone who wants to meet me and hoping that there's a Geek and Sundry panel again next year since I missed it this year. 
  • Haven't registered yet, but I do plan on going. It'll be my second vidcon, and hopefully my mom's first, although she hasn't decided for sure about going. My parents live in LA so it ends up being less expensive than it might otherwise be, which is wonderful, plus it'll be my first time going back there since I moved to NYC in August, so that'll be cool.
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  • becrhodesbecrhodes Posts: 119 ✭✭
    I don't think I'll be able to go just because I won't be in California this summer and I don't have the money to stay in a hotel. :/
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  • Heck yes I am going to VidCon 2013!!!
    My first VidCon was VidCon 2012, and I am planning on going to every VidCon ever, forever.
    Community ticket for me! I bought it they day they went on sale!
    The YouTuber that I would like to meet the most would definitely have to be either Hank Green, John Green, Alex Day, Liam Dryden, Julian Smith, Grace Helbig, or Tyler Oakley.. I met a ton of my idols at VidCon 2012, and there are still a ton to add to this list.. But I can most definitely just choose ONE.
    I am most looking forward to meeting new people and attending the concerts!
    I'm not looking forward to any specific panel for this upcoming VidCon... ATTEND ALL THE PANELS! I wish.. Can I clone myself so that I can attend all of the panels please?!?! So much to do in so little time!!!
  • DanicaDanica IndernapolisPosts: 17 ✭✭
    This year was my first and I've never had more fun while maintaining a near punch-drunk level of exhaustion.
  • ZtefZtef Posts: 17
    Vidcon 2013 will be my first Vidcon experience! :D I've decided to take a month long road trip around the country this summer and Vidcon not only makes for a perfect event to add to the trip, but allows me more motivation to not chicken out of this. Must. Attend. Vidcon
    I'll be going with a community pass and hope to do some volunteering, especially on industry day.
    A few of the youtubers I really want to meet are PhillyD, Hannah Hart, Charlie, and ZeFrank, but there are several others. I'd say John and Hank too, but I honestly think I'd be too nervous and end up making a fool of myself if I met them ;P
    I don't know what panels I'm going too yet. I'll have a better idea once I see an itinerary of some sort.
    So any suggestion for a Vidcon newbie are appreciated! 
  • feelologistfeelologist Posts: 9
    I'm not going ONLY BECAUSE I'm moving to Japan in July, which is ostensibly exciting omfg... but... but vidcon. 
  • GenvieGenvie Posts: 92 ✭✭
    Are you going? If not, why not?
    Yes! I cannot wait. It is going to be awesome. We decided our roommates during this past Vidcon so I can't wait. : )

    First time? How many VidCons have you been to and which ones?
    Nope, I got to go this year for the first time. I wanted to go last year since I live in southern CA but didn't think that I'd have anyone to room with. It wasn't until a month or two before when I had a few friends ask if I'd room with them and I just spent my money on a trip to NYC to go to BEA.

    Community or Industry?
    Community. Industry would be beyond fascinating to do because I'm a marketing major at school. But I really can't afford it and there were so many awesome panels anyways. Plus, I ended up spending a lot of time with my URL based friends. Maybe someday I'll end up going for purely professional reasons! But for now it's a mix of social and the educational.

    Which YouTuber do you want to meet the most?
    Mostly just friends. I was able to meet most every YouTuber I wanted to this past time. And it usually was in odd places like the elevator or at the hotel pool. But I would like to meet John! A few of us ran into Hank at Disneyland and got pictures with him (again, meeting people in the odd, unexpected places).

    Thing that you are most looking forward to?
    Friends and panels. I heard that there's going to be a prom this year, sounds like it could be fun.

    Is there a pannel that you've seen before that you'd want to see again? Which one(s)?
    I really enjoyed Felicia Day's panels, I managed to attend two of them by chance. She had some interesting things to say about her career in acting, writing, directing, and online video. I ended up missing out on the LBD panel b/c it filled up quickly. Hopefully they'll have another one which will be interesting because the show might be over or near its end by then. I'm sure that the panel would be totally different next year. I'd also like to attend more of the professional panels about marketing but since I'm going on a community pass, I might not get access to the ones I'd find most interesting.

  • alyssarosealyssarose Posts: 21
    I just bought my ticket for VidCon and I am very excited!
    This will be my first time going, and I have the community pass.
    I'd like to see John and Hank again (I saw them at the Tour de Nerdfighting), Ze Frank, and the LBD cast.
    I am really looking forward to spending time with so many internet people and friends!
    As far as panels go, I'm not sure what has been done in the past, so I'm jest excited to see who will be speaking.
  • kronosqqkronosqq Posts: 33 ✭✭
    Definitely going, already snagged a super early bird Industry Pass, this will be my first Vidcon though.
    As for what I'm looking forward to at it...I have absolutely no idea right now, so many awesome people and awesome events.
    If all goes well with roping some friends in, I'll be road-tripping it from Indiana to Anaheim come time for that.
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  • I'm going! This will be my first vidcon and I got the community pass.
    I've never been so I'm not entirely sure what I want to see most, but I am really glad there will be other lone wolves there!
  • rlpdeanrlpdean Posts: 5
    I'm going!! My very first time! I'm so excited! =DI have a community pass and I'm looking forward to getting to meet people who understand interwebs stuff and get my references! lol
    I really want to meet Shawna and Tessa (nanalew and meekakitty) That would just make the whole experience for me... =)
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  • musickitten101musickitten101 TokyoPosts: 481 ✭✭✭
    Are you going? YES. 
    First time? YES.
    Community or Industry? Community
    Which YouTuber do you want to meet the most? John and Hank of course! 
    Thing that you are most looking forward to? Meeting other Nerdfighters; Taking lots of pictures
    I'm already really excited about vidcon. I'm also looking forward to the vidcon Tshirt. :P
  • RealReal You know that's right! Huntsville, ALPosts: 413 ✭✭✭
    Yes, I'm going!
    It's my first time!
    WheezyWaiter & my buddy Dan Brown!
    I'm currently most looking forward to this.
    I haven't really seen many panels, but I'm sure there are plenty that I'd love to be repeated!
  • celesicelesi Posts: 71 ✭✭
    I really want to go this year, but I'm not sure yet. I actually won't know until May if I can go or not, and by then I'm guessing tickets will be sold out.
    I want to go for the community panels, especially the less than famous one.
    I think "meet" is a tricky word.  I want to see Hank, John, Dan, Phil, but I think I'm way too shy to actually have a conversation with them.
    I'm most looking forward to meeting other YouTubers, learning tricks to make better videos, and grow as a vlogger.
  • musickitten101musickitten101 TokyoPosts: 481 ✭✭✭
    Anyone going to the vidcon disneyland day?
  • twirlgirlroxtwirlgirlrox Posts: 2,056 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I really really really really want to go to Vidcon this year. The only problem is plane tickets... And I would have to pay for an adult to come with me and convince my parents to let me go. Also, money. But I am trying my hardest! Never been to Vidcon before and really want to :) sounds like a lot of fun.
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