Perth Nerdfighters!!!

RahzelRahzel Posts: 1
edited December 2012 in Australia/New Zealand
Hello! Do you happen to live in and around Perth, Western Australia? Great!!! 

We, Perth nerdfighters have decided to be a bit more organised, and have for the last year been holding monthly gathering which have been fabulously successful. Over 10 gatherings we've held so far, we've had almost 50 different people show up, and usually we get at least 15 - 20 people attending each gathering. We've also ran charity events and had all kinds of nerdfantastic fun. So, if you are in Perth, come join us, why don't you? 

Our social media thingys: 
Facebook "like" page - (121 likes and growing!) 

Please note that if you search for us on Facebook, you will probably find our closed group. You can request access but you will not be approved until we wee you at a gathering. This is for privacy and security reasons, as we have minors that attend gatherings. We're sorry about that. But, why don't you come to a gathering and we'll automatically add you?
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