Northern British Columbians

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If you are from Canada, you know that the country is rather big. Scratch that, huge. In fact, in order to drive from, say, Prince Rupert down to Vancouver, it takes about a twenty hour drive. 

This is probably where a lot of northern BCers start rolling on the floor in sadness because we can't get to all of the amazing events held down in the Vancouver/Victoria area because it takes a LONG time to get there and it becomes excessively expensive extremely quickly for such transportation.

However, regardless of distance from the southern lands, I truly believe that we of Northern BC should be able to have our own gathering. 

Of course, what needs to be done first of all is to figure out where on this massive piece of land everyone is. So, for all of you Northern British Columbians, if you're comfortable please put your location down in the discussion to help get this project started. If you're not, you can Inbox me. 

From there, we will be able to decide the best time/location for a neat little gathering most likely to be held in the new year. 

Happy Holidays everyone, and DFTBA! 


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    I'm currently in Quebec, but normally I live in Northern BC, in the Skeena/Bulkley valley area (I might be willing to reveal more information privately and if there's any more interest in this), and I'd be definitely interested in a Northern BC gathering (depending on the transportation... another inconvenience is that not only are we northerners so far from the south, but we're all pretty far from each other as well-- Rupert to Terrace isn't much, but Rupert to, say, Fort Nelson is quite another matter). 

    This was posted four months ago but maybe there will be more replies someday? 
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    Hey! I live in Fort St. John (about 2 hrs away from Grande Prairie, AB) if this is going to get active sometime i would love to join a meet up!!
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