What's your favorite episode so far?

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Favorite episode?


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    Probably either 54 - the one where Lizzie is describing her dinner at Catherine de Bourgh's house - cause Lizzie's impression of Catherine de Bourgh is absolutely brilliant!

    Or 64 - the one where Lizzie and Charlotte and Caroline are facing off. I love how Lizzie owns her at the end after Caroline's spent ages insulting all of Lizzie's family :)

    And if I'm allowed a third (Probably not!) I would choose 60 cause you know... Darcy. :)

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  • it has to be Episode 60: Are You Kidding Me?

    a.k.a "the confrontation", In every adaptation, this scene always works really well and the chemistry with Daniel and Ashley is undeniable!!
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    I like the one where Charlotte and Jane take over the blog for the day. Mostly for the quotes "people here seem to be enjoying laughter, non organic produce and top forty radio" and "are you fake texting" "it's super important"
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