Come on Skyrim!

I REALLY want to see John play Skyrim. I just think seeing him let loose in such a big world would be funny to watch.


  • vicky_bvicky_b Posts: 120 ✭✭
    I agree. This would be awesome. 
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  • EskimoPenguinEskimoPenguin Netherlands , BredaPosts: 7
    I do not agree Skyrim has been done so many times that I think most people would not watch it, just my opinion though. I would like a Dark Souls playthrough much more , see them try a game with actual difficulty , you don't pay attention you die.
  • Because of all the things you can do and choices you can make, Skyrim is one of those games that would be interesting to watch anyone play. I'd love to see John do a Skyrim LP.
  • mayorqwmayorqw LisbonPosts: 37
    I would really love for a John Skyrim LP to happen. I especially want to see his reaction to the High Hrothgar troll.
  • MorduMordu Posts: 12
    This would be absolutely amazing.... I WANT IT!
  • Gunmaster461Gunmaster461 Posts: 1 Newbie
    Skyrims one of my all time favorite games although i love it i do agree that dark souls series would deffinately be intresting
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