Crash Course: World Religions

This should be the subject for John's videos next year. It ties in nicely with history (since a lot of religions have a lot of history), and far too many people are ignorant of all of the "other" religions out there.


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    YES YES YES!!!
    I most definitely want a Crash Course: Religious Studies!!! But it would probably be better as a mini series, like Literature... maybe?

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    Well maybe it can be books from different cultures as well as really good books.

    It would be set up in like a book club way where each month or so is a different book but the book brings in other cultures. I would love to learn more about other religions in a modern way that isn't what happened but how it's happening
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    It would be amazing to see arguments on EVERY episode in a series especially if the series was 40 episodes long
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    People that want to have Youtube arguments can have Youtube arguments on any video, regardless of the subject.

    But I think that John could do a good job presenting information about each religion in a good (fair and balanced) way, without introducing any extra controversy into it.
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    I think that would be really cool for John to do, but I don't think he'd want to. Too much flamewar fuel. Don't get me wrong, he'd handle the informative aspects of it perfectly, but I don't think he'd be up for creating content that by its very nature is likely to divide his audience and have people acting nastily in the comments. Kind of a shame, really - the reason why we need more respectful dialogue about other people's faiths is exactly the reason why we can't have it.
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    Well I don't think The vlogbrothers are in the business of not doing something that is cool because people are upset by it. 

    There are no places where people can go in and get information about religions. John I'm sure would do it in a totally fun way and I think that it's a shame we can't do things like this. I can't take a high school class on religions. I can't have a conversation with a history teacher about religious differences and I can't find any books that's just a database of peoples opinions on religion.

    I'll understand if he doesn't want to deal with the giant squids but I think it's bigger then that.
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    I think Crash Course: World Religions is a brilliant idea. However, I think it should wait until it's obvious to the most casual of observers that Crash Course means to have courses in everything. If it shows up too soon I think it'll put some of the flamers off crash course, and we don't want to turn anybody away from educational content, even if by their own stupidity. Especially if by their own stupidity. 
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    If it's their own stupidity there's nothing a video can do to change that. Do a lot of flamers watch Crash Course video's. Because the Giant Squids can't be Nerdfighters.
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    Yes yes yes, I would love for this to happen!
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    I wholeheartedly support this idea.
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    @Aj91 I totally understand that. But I think John can make videos that aren't offensive to people with hard opinions. And I think you may be over thinking the john from the past. But I'm not John so I don't know John from the past's true meaning.
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    I'd love to see John do a world religions Crash Course, but he covered the major ones in History.  I mean, it'd be cool to see a more in-depth, more theological take (and not have to rely on ThoughtBubble to put some learning in our learning so we can learn while we learn), but I can understand why he wouldn't want to do it even disregarding flame wars. Though it would also be fun to learn about other, more obscure religions!
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    CC: Religions would be absolutely amazing, but I do think it should be a mini-series just like Lit will be. It ties in very closely with history and each religion would have one video explaining the basics of how it works, not just its history as in CC: World Histoy. As for flamewars, even in public schools we teach the basics of different religions. It's very clear cut, no one is trying to convert anyone, it's purely informational.
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    Awesome idea, the subject is really interesting and there's still a lot to explore. I think the Vlogbrothers are the best persons ever to realise this.
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    @Maelwys This is an awesome idea!
  • This sounds really cool! I would worry not just about flamers, but that since religion is such a sensitive topic people would be offended if John innacurately portrayed there religion, and also, since John is an Episcopalian Christian, he isn't as informed as people who practice the other religions and while I would love to see this series, I feel like people would get really offended (rightfully) if John either ignored their religion or didn't cover it in a way that they view as appropriate.
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    Just to explain a little bit more of my thinking behind this...

    I was raised Catholic, and grew up in the Catholic school system. Even in High School, we had to take a mandatory religion course ever year. In grade 9, it was an in depth class about the Old Testament. In grade 10, it was the New Testament. Both of these courses were pretty much what you'd expect. Then in grade 11, it was World Religions. Obviously we didn't study every single religion out there, but we certainly covered a lot of ground for a 4 month course. The primary subjects were Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam. We went on field trips to local temples and mosques, to see each place of worship. We had one of the others teachers at the school (that was Jewish) come in and prepare a Seder dinner for us, walking us through all of the ceremony and explaining what it all meant. And I found the entire thing to be utterly fascinating. Learning about all of the other religions, and seeing all of the similarities between them and each other, and between them and Christianity. Learning all about the common heritage between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. I found all of this to be amazing, and eye-opening.

    Now obviously, not everybody will feel the same way. There will be some people that take offense at perceived slights, whether they were intended or not. But I think that as a whole, if a series like this were done well, it could do a lot more good than bad. And I think that based on what we've seen from World History, John and his team at Crash Course would be able to give it the treatment that it needs.
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    @maelwys I wish I'd had that much of an in depth course on world religions. My Catholic primary school did bits on Judaism that I don't remember anything of. My secular secondary school focused mostly on Islam, so that is the non-christian religion that I know the most about, but my lack of knowledge is still shocking. 

    I make up for that by exploring my own faith as far as I can. I think that blindly following any leader is the worst thing that any of us can do.
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    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. As others have said, I can see it as a mini-season. This would be fabulous, especially with John's background. 

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    Yes, this should definitely happen at some point during Crash Course. I'm agnostic myself, but I'm fascinated by religions. Just the idea of having something to believe in and have faith in no matter what. I like reading different religious books, and I figure a Crash Course segment would be just as good (if not better).

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    I'm in favor of a mini-series; and I think the primary goal should be to get singleminded people to see other faiths in a different light. I also agree that it should focus more on present-day practices and only invoke history when it's necessary to contextualize. I'd also put in some of the less-known faiths, just because I find them really interesting. This is how I would organize it (using religions with at least 8m followers, according to Wikipedia):
    1. an introduction to religions, how to talk about religions, and why we should learn about other religions.
    2. Judaism
    3. Christianity
    4. Islam
    5. Hinduism
    6. Sikhism
    7. Jainism
    8. Buddhism
    9. Folk religions (including Daoist-infused Chinese folk religions)
    10. Shinto
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    If there would be anyone to host an informative non-offensive account of a variety of Religions it would probably be John Green, I think the insights into Buddhism in Crash Course; World History and other religions which are mentioned every now and again have been excellent. I also think that from what he's shared on the Vlogbrothers channel with his pondering of divinity school and I seem to remember from somewhere that he has a large (or at least larger than the averages persons) collection of books regarding Islam. 

    I loved Religious Studies at GCSE level and it was very insightful, we had a Muslim teacher who used to be a Sikh (grew up in India) and there were a few who would nominally say they were this or that but weren't sure yet, and a few of us who were Christians (disclosure; I fit into that category) and some stringent Atheists. I got two A*s, so that obviously went well. 
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    I think this is a good idea, but...
    I'm currently taking an Intro to Religious Studies class, and I'm finding out that one of the hardest parts about studying religion is simply defining what is and is not considered a religion. I think John could pull off a good introduction to different religions, but just learning about basic rituals, traditions, doctrine, etc. doesn't always mean a good understanding of the religion. (For instance, I felt that I understood more about Hinduism from reading the Bhagavad-Gita than from reading my textbook.) I'd like to see John's opinion on the definition of religion if there is to be a CC World Religions series.
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    I agree. Crash Course: World Religions or bust!
  • therisingtithestherisingtithes Trinidad, W.I.Posts: 103 ✭✭
    I am not sure at all if anyone's suggested this, or if it's popped up in the Brain Crack section, but is this something we would consider doing ourselves, once we have well-read people on the team?
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    I think this is a great idea but I would honestly feel cheated by a mini series. Andi's organization scheme seems logical but it has a huge focus on South Eastern religions and doesn't really cover Eastern religions as much and ignores tribal religions. Of course no matter how you format it not everything can fit but with a longer series it might appease people since it would seem to be more fair. And you can't really talk about religions such as Christianity and Buddhism without delving into all the sects because of how radically different they can be at times. 

    As for the problem of arguments, there's always the option of turning off comments and inviting people to Our Pants to discuss the videos so trolls are less likely to go through all the extra effort of signing up to the forums to talk about it.
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    I love the idea of a religious studies Crash Course, but I think there could be a lot of YouTube backlash.
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    I can't wait to see the YouTube comment arguments those videos inspire...
    Such a content focus would be sure to liven up Crash Courses comments box! :D
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