Real Life Long Distance Book Club?



  • ashimmer13ashimmer13 Seattle, WA, USAPosts: 109 ✭✭
    Also in for this cool idea! I'm in the Pacific Northwest :D
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  • BeckaBecka Posts: 2
    I adore the idea. I would love to join in!
    Please message me if I'm not too late :)
    I'm from Germany, by the way.
  • SquirtSquirt Posts: 7
    I'm in the North East of the US. (Fairly close to he who is in Montreal) I am under 18, but I could talk to my parents about it. I don't think they will mind. As long as you guys don't care about my miserable handwriting!
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  • arubirureiarubirurei Posts: 9
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    Hey guys, this sounds like it's had a enough interest in it lately, and I think all it really needs is someone to take the initiative and get a new mailing list going. Shipping books (especially within country) is actually really cheap, only $3 about, usually. So I've got a compendium of novellas by Paulo Coelho (author of The Alchemist) I'd be willing to part with: "The Valkyries", "The Fifth Mountain", and "Veronika Decides to Die." As a whole, the book's only about 200 pages, but they're good pieces. I'm thinking that each person can mail the book to the next person on the list? And the last person can do something cool with it if they want: Mail it to John Green, do a video blog about it, hide it in a library, mail it back to me?? (I think it'd be a really cool thing to own :D )

    Anyway, if you want to be in a mailing circle in the continental United States, ANYWHERE in the continental United States, and are willing to pay the shipping cost to mail the book to the next person, email me with a name and address to send the book to at [email protected] By the time I finish re-reading this piece and marking it all up, I'll print out a complete mailing list and send it along with the book and email everyone the complete list who is on the list, in case the paper copy gets lost.

    There might be some heavy topics in here; "Veronica Decides to Die" is about suicide, so if you're sensitive to that kind of thing,you know, be aware.
  • arubirureiarubirurei Posts: 9
    It might make sense to extend this particular circle to canada and mexico too, but I think shipping back and forth from Europe or something might be a bit too much. 
  • SquirtSquirt Posts: 7
    Although, if Europeans would like to join, they could pay for any shipping to their-self. But again, it's expensive and totally up to them. :)
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  • NotWeirdGiftedNotWeirdGifted BelgiumPosts: 70


    great idea! it's a shame I live in Belgium, I hope it works out for you

    and if I were you I'd ask the last person to send it back to me!

    Good luck! 

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  • pariquinpariquin Posts: 111 ✭✭
    I think have a solution. First we should make a Google doc giving everyone's emails, home towns (with no address to provide some anonymity), and book that they would like to send. Then we should then organize the list by according to who is closest to who (so that no one has to mail the book across the world). Then all we have to do is go down the list. The first person will email the second person and ask for their address and when they have it they will send it to them the second person will then continue this process with the third person. Also I think it would be a good idea if everyone in the group mails a book at the same time and then the books could go full circle down the list and come back to the original owner 
    (keep in mind that if we do it this way it will be up to the members of the group to be responsible and continue mailing the books or else someone will get left out) (I would also suggest that we keep the group's size under twenty. So that the member do not end up mailing 50 books all over kingdom come.) 

    PS: If you guys like this idea then I will set up the Google doc in a few days and we will get this amazing idea underway.
  • arubirureiarubirurei Posts: 9
    I'm totally still up for this. Not sure how many other people are though; the thread kinda died. I'd be up to sending books anywhere in the world, too. I've done some snooping around and it doesn't look like shipping prices are bad. 
  • HollyhollyHollyholly Posts: 59
    Eventhough i haven't commented before i'd love to join. As @arubirurei i'd send books anywhere. So let's hope it works :)
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  • NotWeirdGiftedNotWeirdGifted BelgiumPosts: 70

    I don't want to be a pain in the ass, but I have something else, kind off like this, up and running so :) It's this one:

    But if you still want to set up your own, feel free! Good luck and DFTBA :)

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  • qog314qog314 Posts: 77 ✭✭
    Is this still going on? I had this idea to do with my friends but they didn't want to. I would love to do this with nerdfighters! 
    I'm in the US btw. I liked the idea of a google doc and was going to suggest that. Is there one up? 
  • misskatiemarieeemisskatiemarieee Posts: 16
    Love this idea! I love reading and would be glad to join and read new books as I have exhausted my home's supply. DFTBA! :)
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  • qog314qog314 Posts: 77 ✭✭
    So I've gotten a bunch of people who seem interested on Goodreads 

    Do we have enough for a group? 
  • Kaitee232Kaitee232 Philadelphia, PAPosts: 19
    So, this thread hasn't been active for a year but maybe my posting will bring it back. This sounds like one of the coolest idea I've ever heard, so if you guys are doing it/ going to start a new one/ if any one wants to start a new one please message me?
  • NotWeirdGiftedNotWeirdGifted BelgiumPosts: 70

    I'm somewhere between "sure" and "I don't know, maybe" - Lights (where the fence is low)

  • Kaitee232Kaitee232 Philadelphia, PAPosts: 19
    @NotWeirdGifted Thanks so much!!
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