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I've been reading this one since it's beginnings in 2003, it is still my favourite webcomic.

Any other readers out there?

I do like his treatment of some of the more nuanced issues in our society like the recent introduction of a transgender character. He still manages to come up with funny ideas after 9 years.

I'm lucky enough to have a pintsize drawing tacked to the bathroom mirror :)


  • KingyoKingyo Posts: 12
    I don't read it all that often but my girlfriend really likes it and whenever she shows me it I always think it's pretty awesome :)
  • SchnoukiSchnouki Posts: 12
    QC is great. I love the second panel of #240.
  • lanigoodnesslanigoodness AustraliaPosts: 11
    I have such a big soft spot for QC, it was one of the first webcomics I got onto :) I think he's treating the transgender character really well so far, I hope it keeps on like that. 
  • ViniterViniter Posts: 39
    Another QC fan here! I haven't been reading from the very beginnings, but I'm subscribed for couple of years now. And Claire is awesome! I liked here ever since she was introduced.
  • ThiefreeThiefree Posts: 62
    I have been reading for a few years now, and I adore it. There's no better webcomic, in my opinion. The humour and pathos is perfectly balanced, and I'm invested in every character he's got going - and by now that must be hundreds!
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  • I've been reading qc longer than I've been a nerdfighter. I remember being super excited about #500 and trying to explain why to my friends. They did not get it. (Its ok, I have much nerdier friends now.)
  • icapantsicapants Posts: 18
    QC is awesome! It's one of the few webcomics I always keep up on.
  • NelsonNelson AmsterdamPosts: 140 ✭✭
    One of my many web-comic obsessions!
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  • RomligRomlig Posts: 4
    I read QC just about every morning.  It is part of my daily morning email checking routine. It's been great and the story's kept me coming back for years now.
  • RufusAquillaRufusAquilla Posts: 2
    I found it rather recently through the list of comics underneath XKCD, worked through the 2400 or so pages in less than a week, and have been hooked ever since. So yeah, it's definitely one of my favorites.
  • pasanovpasanov LiverpoolPosts: 3
    I have such a big soft spot for QC, it was one of the first webcomics I got onto :)
    Same here! Couldn't find a better topic to start of my forum journey with as well, so hi everyone. :)
  • BestJessBestJess DublinPosts: 15
    It's the only comic (of any kind) I really read, and it's part of my morning routine. Check emails, browse twitter, read new QC, pretend I don't have looming deadlines :P

    And I have to say, Claire is one of the very few Trans characters in anything I've seen that I can really relate to. Which was a really awesome surprise :)
  • poeticnerd1990poeticnerd1990 Frankfort, INPosts: 2
    I love QC! My older sister got me into it, and she always compare me to Marigold, since when I had long hair, I looked a lot like her. 
  • ASillyPonyASillyPony Posts: 9
    Been reading QC for ages now. I can't remember how I got into it, but it's one of the websites I check before leaving for work in the morning.
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