Favourite Titles For The "In Your Pants" Joke



  • EllsterEllster GermanyPosts: 141
    The hitchhikers guide to the universe (in your pants)
    My first (and in some places still active) screen name was Ellena.
    This became Ellster.
    Elster is the German word for magpie.
    Therefore I am sometimes called Mag Pie. Although my name is not Mag. But I do like pie.
  • RialVestroRialVestro Multiple Personality Disorder The state of InsanityPosts: 6,398 ✭✭✭
    Oh bots are spamming the forums in other languages now. I used Google to figure out what that means and not a single title with an in your pants Joke, it's just an advertisement.
    Ni, peng, nee-wom! Ecky, ecky, ecky, pakang, zoom-ping! Baa weep grahna weep ninny bong!
  • gnaistgnaist Stanford, CA, USAPosts: 4,898 Admin
    Thanks, the spam comment was removed and the user has been banned.
    Prince of the Last Ones
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  • Nomirawr1Nomirawr1 New ZealandPosts: 12
    Saving Seeds.... In your pants. (a book about saving plant seeds, hah)
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