Welcome (from Hank)

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I'm Hank, and I made these forums for you. Over the years, we've had a lot of different forums. And we've dealt with hackers, spammers, and bad software. Finally, we've bitten the bullet and built something on a really robust system (Vanilla) that we're thankfully able to afford because of Nerdfighteria being so huge and awesome. 

This forum is a place for the Nerdfighteria community to get together and discuss things that matter. We'll be constantly paying attention to see how you're using this place and making sure it's easy for everyone to use. If you have any suggestions for us right away, you can leave them on this forum (though not on this post, 'cause that might get messy.)

We imagine that there will be bugs, which is why this is a "soft launch" or "beta." And you folks that sign up today will get a special beta tester badge *woop* for helping us test it out. 


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